Wellness & Preventive Medicine

The stuff that keeps healthy pets, healthy!

Travel Fees

Travel fees are based on miles from the Point Loma area

Urgent Care

*Sometimes pets need more advanced care than what can be provided by a general practicioner or mobile service. Your concerns will be disucssed with you at the time of booking to determine if your pet can be seen on a mobile basis*

Chronic Disease diagnosis, monitoring, and management

Hospice Care

Is the time coming, but you know it hasn't yet arrived? Helpful Veterinary Services offers comprehensive hospice care for your eldlery furry family member!


When the day to say goodbye comes, you need to feel 100% comfortable with the process. For some, that means having this service provided in the comfort of your home. This time is never easy, but Dr. Maiello prides herself on her ability to help pet parents through the difficult decisions and discussions. For this service, we will take care of the planning beforehand, as much as you are comfortable, in order to minimize the time needed to *think* during the service itself.

Miscellaneous Services/other

***This is not a comprehensive list and is just a guide to help you determine if your needs can be met through our services. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us so we can discuss your needs and see how we may be able to help***