When it's time to say goodbye...

You deserve a veterinarian who cares and understands exactly what you and your family need during this difficult time.

For compassionate and personal care, call 

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Alexandria Maiello, DVM has been practicing in the San Diego area since 2018 after completing her veterinary education at Auburn University. Through her time growing  and learning as a veterinarian, she has found a love and passion for assisting pet parents and families during their most difficult times. While it is never easy or simple to say goodbye to a beloved pet, Dr. Maiello hopes to make the transition at least a little bit easier by providing compassionate care and support to her clients.

In-home euthanasia

This service is meant for those who wish for a more intimate setting in which to say goodbye to their furry family member and is ideal for those pets not suffering from emergent conditions. Dr. Maiello will work with you to make the service fit your wishes and needs, and will make sure you are completely comfortable with the procress from beginning to end.

Services and Pricing 

Available M-F 9:00a-4:00p, nights and weekends for additional charge, when available.


When the day to say goodbye comes, you need to feel 100% comfortable with the process. For some, that means having this service provided in the comfort of your home. This time is never easy, but Dr. Maiello prides herself on her ability to help pet parents through the difficult decisions and discussions. For this service, we will take care of the planning beforehand, as much as you are comfortable, in order to minimize the time needed to *think* during the service itself.

Hospice Care/Quality Of Life Assessment

****New changes in California Veterinary Practice Law allow for a veterinary-patient-client-relationship to be established via Telemedicine. For quick quality-of-life questions to be sure it is time for your pet's passing, a virtual meeting can be scheduled for $50 per 30min time slot (this is specifically for families who are planning for euthanasia, but aren't sure if it is time to take this step****

Is the time coming, but you know it hasn't yet arrived? Helpful Veterinary Services offers comprehensive quality-of-life assessments and hospice care for your eldlery furry family member!

How will you know it's time?

Whether your pet has been seen by a veterinarian who recommended euthanasia, or your gut tells you it may be time, it isn't always a clear timeline. If you aren't sure, Dr. Maiello is happy to establish a professional relationship with you and to get to know your pet so she may better guide you through this journey. Dr. Maiello will disucss various data points to consider when thinking about quality of life, and will even help you to determine what your pet's current state is. It is important to remember a veterinarian can't make this decision for you, but they can be a great resource when trying to navigate these tough times. Some people can easily determine when the time has come, while others need a little more help. All situations are very normal.

What if it isn't time just yet, but my pet needs some support?

If you're pretty sure the time is coming, but also sure it isn't here just yet, you'd be referring to palliative or hospice care. In these situations, Dr. Maiello develops a more intimate professional relaptionship with you and your pet, identifying symptoms or condiitons that need to be treated to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Many times this includes pain control, appetite stimulation and management, skin lesion treatment, anxiety relief, and various other symptoms. If Dr. Maiello feels your pet is suffering more than she can remedy, she will tell you honestly so that you may be better prepared and more confident in your decision making.

The question that's difficult to ask...

It's not pleasant to discuss, but it has to be done. What happens to your furry family member's remains after the service is completed? The answer depends completely on your wishes! Some families prefer to bury their pets with other lost pets of the past. Others prefer to leave the aftercare to the veterinary team. Helpful Veterinary Services offers cremation services through a third party. The options for this service will be discussed once your aftercare wishes are determined. Dr. Maiello will discuss urn options, keepsake options, and your preferred cremation type either at the time of booking, or during the appointment, whichever your preference is. 

How does in-home euthanasia differ from in-clinic?

The overall process is the same. A series of injections are used to perform the service, just as they would be in a veterinary hospital. The largest difference is the intimacy of the service, with uninterrupted veterinarian care and counseling during the service. You will also likely notice that your pet is overall more relaxed than they would be in a clinic setting.

Saying goodbye is never easy,

but the Helpful Veterinary Services strives to make the process as seamless as possible, so you can concentrate on the moments you spend with your furry family member.