Helpful Veterinary Services

Mobile Care for Your Pets

Ever feel frustrated by your in-clinic veterinary experience?

At Helpful Veterinary Services, we knew there had to be a better way to serve those pets who simply hate, or are very traumatized by, in-office veterinary visits. Many pet parents delay veterinary care because of how negative the experience can be for them and their furry family members, which means their pets are potentially not receiving care for various health conditions. Thus, Helpful Veterinary Services took to offering mobile, in-home veterinary care, and the differences are notable! Pets, are more comfortable and confident in their own domain, and pet parents are saved the stress and anxiety that comes with traditional trips to the veterinary hospital. We believe that house calls are the new wave of Veterinary Medicine which will allow for a seamless group effort to maintaining health and longevity for all pets.

What is mobile veterinary care? Think back to old movies and TV shows where the medical doctor would carry their briefcase upstairs to a sick child's bedroom, except replace the medical doctor with a doctor of veterinary medicine, and replace the sick child with a pet and bam, you've got it.

But how can a veterinarian practice quality medicine without a brick and mortar? Great question! The great part about practicing medicine is that the majority of the job is done by using our veterinary knowledge. While there are limitations to a mobile practice, most everything that can be done on-site, can be done in your home (and a vehicle) as well! At Helpful Veterinary Services, we will be transparent with our capabilities and all that you can or can not achieve with us during a visit.

Great! How do I know if my pet is a good candidate for mobile care? Trick question! ALL pets are great candidates, but especially those that are fearful in new surroundings, those that don't appreciate the hustle of a veterinary clinic, or those that the family are unable to physically get the pet to the veterinary clinic at all. 

So, where do I sign up? Click the link above to request an appointment with Dr. Maiello, the owner and veterinarian, who can't wait to meet you and your furry family member! You can also call to request an appoint, if email isn't really your thing, at (858)260-9557.

To our wonderful and loyal clients, Thank you !

More from your veterinarian: When I decided to start Helpful Veterinary Services, I was mostly trying to find my fit in the veterinary industry. I loved being a general practitioner, but felt my medical knowledge was starting to slide due to the lack of complex and emergent cases. So, I made the switch to emergency medicine, where I had a blast and learned some very valuable and tough lessons. Still, I felt like I was not fitting into the traditional veterinary environment and thoroughly missed preventative medicine (and puppies and kittens, of course). Then I realized, working for myself and being outside in the world, making a difference in the lives of pets that don't thrive in the clinic setting, was where my veterinary journey would take me next.